South-East Asia Debut!

2016 has seen the Quest competition grow in leaps and bounds! In November, we had the exciting privilege of offering Quest to the primary and high school students of Malaysia. Hosted by the prestigious Monash University, Kuala Lumpur, the two-day challenge saw remarkable work from the students who embraced the competitive atmosphere and learning opportunity fully!

“I enjoyed learning new concepts as a team” (Kristina)

“I enjoyed the science quest the most, because I felt like it was the best chance to be creative and collaborative” (Harry)

“I enjoyed that I learned a lot” (Kuba)

“I enjoyed the math session the most. This program has really helped me learn a lot. I really appreciate all the work and effort teachers put in to create an enjoyable learning experience for us” (Diya)

“I really enjoyed applying what we learned on the first day to the challenges, which gave me an even deeper understanding of the topic. It would be useful if, ahead of time, we received a list of topics we should be familiar with, especially in maths” (Asha)

Our presenters and supervisors also loved the experience. They expounded on Malaysia’s beautiful climate and lush environment, and the metropolitan bustle of Kuala Lumpur.

Altogether we are comfortable declaring the Quest’s Malaysian experience a resounding success!