BRAINways Programs a Hit!

BRAINways’ recent programs in Brisbane West ended on a high, with fantastic feedback from all involved.

Students in ‘The Physics of Aviation’ had a special guest speaker during their last afternoon – a pilot who previously flew with the US Army! It was fascinating to hear all the highlights of a life in the clouds.

‘When We Were Young’ was fun, and ended with a room full of Australian pioneers, convicts, explorers and soldiers, as students took on the roles they researched and gave insightful interviews layered with incredible detail.

‘Written Words Out Loud’ also ended on a great performance, featuring evocative poetry students had written themselves. The range of expression and creative interpretation as they took their words from page to stage was astounding, and we’re sure this won’t be the last we’ll hear from some of these talented writers!

Luckily, BRAINways captured these terrific performances on film, so stay tuned to be able to watch online here!