Three wishes

I wish clouds were chairs
So I could sit on one and float away
I wish shoes were made of grass
So my feet would never hurt again
I wish mummy and daddy were made of light
So every cuddle is warm, as warm as warm could be.
by Sage (year 6).

Imaginary Friend

I have a friend; his name is Pea,
He lays above my bed on my green dream catcher.
He is nor pink, or red,
But a green, and he’s not mean,
Or so it may seem.I’m just kidding; he’s very kind,
And is very small indeed.
You want his size?I’ll give you it,
He is the size of a pea.

He rides on my shoulder, through the day and night,
He does not take off, nor bite!
At 200 meters, he’s out of sight,
But when he sees a cat, he gets a big fright!
So he runs all the way, back to me.

That’s all I can say about my friend,
I’m afraid this poem has come to an end.
Please do not frown, or sigh,as Pea and I say Goodbye!
Did I mention he has a thimble for a hat?
How’s that?
By Sage (year 6)

What I want her to know

The first time I saw her I knew
If she was a number,
She’d be first of all.
If she was an animal,
She’d be a purring kitty in my arms.
If she was a music
She’d be a symphony of the sun.
If she was a picture
She’d be a smiley face.
For she is my mother.
By Lucy (year 4).

What am I?

Am I an animal or am I a bird?
Or am I one of these huge things that run in a herd?
Am I one of the evil witches on a broom
Or a nice wizard bringing peace to the town?
Am I a fantasy creature like a unicorn, or a vicious dragon?
What am I?
And who wants to be as unusual as me?
By Lucy (year 4)


Happiness comes from family
And sometimes from friends, too
But really, it always comes from inside you
It comes from passion
And from love.
And it always makes a difference
When you laugh,
And giggle.
And admire,
And play.
Happiness is always around.
When you find it, you want some more
And all you have to do is open that door…
By Ella (year 5)

Happiness in Believeland

To make birds talk
You only have to walkIn a land you call your own.
In this land
You can make horses fly,
Run in the sky,
Do whatever you feel.
You can change your name
And play a funny game.
But to find this land
To do what you like,
Change the sky to pink
And kiss a shrimp
All you need to do is believe!
By Ella (year 5)

I remember

I remember the excitement of the arrival of my sister
and imagining of playing with her.
I remember the day the doctor said
to come to the hospital.
I remember the doctor telling my dad
the bad news.
I remember the tears and the sadness,
the silence in the car, on the way home,
and the pain, dull, days after.
I remember her white face
and her pale purple lips.
I remember the mourning
at her funeral…
And I will always remember
my baby sister.
By Madison (year 6).


The wind carefully sketches ripples over the water
The sun covers my face in a warm embrace
The birds quietly voice content,
But even the liveliest sounds sleepy
The short stubbles o grass gently bend in the breeze
The clouds are white and lazy
The sky is a motionless azure
All is quiet
Deadly quiet
On a Sunday morning.

Then my Dad
And my brother
The chair unfold
The barbeque is on
The fountain makes ripples of its own
The chops are nearly ready
We’ll eat outside today
Mindless of the perfect scene
This is a Sunday afternoon.
By Marie (year 5)

At the beach

Chills to the bone
Flowing down the mountain,
Through rivers,
Getting purified on the way.
Biting grisly bears’ noses
As they try to drink.
Trickling over rocks
Like a sweet alpine melody.
Heating as it rushes
Through fields and dams.
Finally meeting the wide world,
The sea.
Hugging the shore
And slowly seeping
Onto the fresh sand,
Reaching out
To tickle toes,
Then pulling back.
Alive in the ocean
But yearning the land.
By Marie (year 5)

Fire, fire, how did your flicker come?

Time and time again
enhancing the spirits,
breaking the darkness,
melting the ice.

Mysteries unknown,
by the feared,
flickering shadows.

Symbol of good
and evil.
Strong ally,
Dangerous enemy.
Fire, fire, how did your flicker come?
by Nicolas (year 5)

There was a time

There was a time when all was known
When the people knew
How the twig of life can turn the flood of death.
When fire was ice,
When light was darkness,
When good was evil,
And evil was good,
When everything was one
And one was everything.
When past was present
And present was future
And future was past.
When hate was love,
There was a time…

There is a doorway,
And I am the door…
by Nicolas (year 5)


Silence comes from the darkness
Places you cannot see
It comes when you are sombre
It swoops down like an eagle
And takes away happiness
It doesn’t care about cowardice
Or love
Or hate.
It only cares about prey.
It never stops
It never sleeps
Only attacks
Never retreats.
Silence has been my prison
But I shall break away… far too soon.
by Nicolas (year 5)