Days of Excellence

An initiative of Education Queensland and the South Cost Region’s Gifted Education Committee, the BRAINways Education Days of Excellence programs are designed based on the most recent research in Gifted Education, which suggests significant benefits when education opportunities are offered without interruption. Launched in 2009, the Days of Excellence programs are unique in the field of gifted education, being provided over one or two school days in which a topic is investigated fully and with great intensity.

Based on research by Prof. Dr. Karen Rogers which indicated that investigating a topic without interruption leads to a greater extent of learning. Since its inception, the Days of Excellence programs were able to reach new heights in gifted education for primary and secondary school students by providing a unique opportunity for in depth investigation of various topics. When research was conducted on the Days of Excellence programs, the results are below.

Below is some of the students’ feedback, which provides a testimony for the appreciation and recognition the Days of Excellence received since its introduction in 2009.

I would give it 10/10 (Rachel, Yr 2); It was awesome! (Henry, Yr 2); I enjoyed it more than any other day at school (Matthew, Yr 3); I learnt a huge amount of stuff the fun way! (Elliott, Yr 3); I want to do it every day (Zac, Yr 3)

It would be better if it was longer (Amber, Yr 4); It was informative yet enjoyable (Sakura, Yr 6)

It was very well run and I learnt some very valuable information (Claire, Yr 7); This program was very enjoyable and it was a great learning experience (Zoe, Yr 7); It was really, really fun (Ella, Yr 7)

It was great and I want to come every day (Charlotte, Yr 2)

It was excellent (Joseph, Yr 5); I’d love to come again (Joshua, Yr 6); I have learnt lots of things and it was fun (Willow, Yr 4); It was very good but I wish it was longer (Sarah-Jane, Yr 6)

The program was just fantastic (Daisy, Yr 8); The program was very fun but should go longer (Gweneth, Yr 7)

I loved it and I’d really like to do it again (Rebecca, Yr 3); It was super (Sabi, Yr 3); It was awesome! Thanks Brainways! (Gabriel, Yr 3)

It was a really good day and I definitely learned a lot (Liam, Yr 5); It was a very fascinating day for me (Kayleigh, Yr 7);

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