Academicus is a holiday program designed for gifted and talented students. With twelve topics being made available each year, Academicus provides gifted students the choice they require in a large array of disciplines, from Algebra to Astronomy, and Earth Sciences, from Trigonometry to Surfing Science, from Journalism to Communication Philosophy, Playwriting, Ancient History and more.

Offered as half day programs, the workshops give gifted students an introduction into the topic, with further, in depth explorations, being available via the BRAINways online learning system.

In partnership with a number of universities (Central Queensland University, University of Southern Queensland, James Cook University, Australian Catholic University, Wollongong University, Monash University, etc), today, the Academicus programs are made available in Australia, as well as Internationally.

Based on the findings of the latest education research, the Academicus programs are designed to provide gifted students across the Globe the opportunity to challenge, develop and stimulate their creative, critical and logical thinking through fun, interactive, hands on experiences, followed by the opportunity to overcome barriers of location, and interact in the BRAINways online environment.


“It was a program I will never forget”

“Academicus is the ultimate learning experience!”

“It is so sad it had to end! I wish I can come here (at Academicus) every day!”


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