Quest International

The Preliminary and Semi-Final competitions, spanning both Australia and UAE culminated in the highly anticipated International Finals, where the three leading teams from each country gave their all to identify the 2014 Quest champion.

At 9:00 am AEST, the Australian teams began their odyssey, traversing from Humanities, to Mathematics, to Science, each discipline demanding a level of concentration, focus and passion never before seen. In the highly tense environment, students were asked to call on their every last reserve as the challenges offered in previous rounds were extended.

As the Australian teams completed their gruelling challenge day, across the World, in UAE, teams prepared for the beginning of their competition day. With students and teachers located around the World, an eLearning component was used at the beginning of each challenge, giving students the opportunity to speak to and ask questions of their BRAINways teachers, irrespective of borders or time zones.

The wait was tense, with many parents, teachers and students contacting BRAINways Education for an avidly awaited sneak peak into the final placings. Displayed online a couple of hours later, the results reflected the high standard of the competition and the sense of achievement shared by all.

In 2014 Quest International was a great success! BRAINways Education is already preparing for its 2015 edition.