BRAINways EDUCATION is an independent, non-funded organisation, established in 2007 by Dr. Mirella Olivier.

BRAINways Education’s philosophy is based on Gagne’s model of giftedness, which is defined as an outstanding potential in one or more domains. However, Gagne’s model also indicates that outstanding potential can develop into outstanding performance only in the presence of specific catalysts, including the provision of stimulating programs and activities. BRAINways EDUCATION provides these opportunities for gifted and talented students.

As demonstrated by research, in order to provide substantial academic gains, programs for gifted and talented students are to be offered without interruption, are to allow for achievement of real depth, are to cover topics in students’ areas of interest and are to bring together like minded students who enhance each other’s learning. BRAINways EDUCATION ensures their courses meet all these requirements.

BRAINways EDUCATION programs are tailored to the needs of participating students from State, Catholic and Independent schools.

Director’s Biography

Mirella Olivier is a qualified medical doctor with extensive experience within the hospital and private practice setting. She completed a Master of Health Science (Deakin University) and started her studies towards receiving a PhD (LaTrobe University).

Mirella has also completed Health Education and Communication Training (Deakin University) and presented seminars for elite and recreational athletes, school and university students, as well as for the general population, mostly on health related topics. Her involvement with organisations providing educational programs for gifted and talented children was a stepping stone in Mirella’s career. Aside from her professional expertise, Mirella has brought an understanding resulting from her experience as a mother of two gifted children.

Mirella has completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Education (University of Queensland).

Mirella is determined to create an organisational structure offering extension education programs for gifted children. She is aware of the programs’ value in providing the stimulation and challenges needed by gifted and talented children, and in fostering intellectual and social development. Mirella’s resolve has originated from both her professional and personal (her children’s) experience.