BRAINways EDUCATION has been an active participant in conferences for gifted and talented children.

In 2012 BRAINways Director, Dr. Mirella Olivier offered two presentations at the Asia Pacific Conference on Giftedness, hosted in Dubai. Both of her presentations, one titled ‘Creativity, Motivation and Perfectionism in Gifted Children: A Complex Relationship’ and the other titled ‘E-Learning: The Holder of Great Promise for Gifted Children’ received resounding commendation and acclaim, with the lecture rooms for both seminars completely filled. In fact, due to popular demand ‘Creativity, Motivation and Perfectionism in Gifted Children’ was repeated. In addition, the E-Learning lecture was selected as one of a few to be presented in a prestigious panel format reserved solely for experts in their field as it provided opportunity for audience members to ask questions of gifted experts from throughout the world.

At the conclusion of the Asia Pacific Conference on Giftedness, Dr. Olivier was proud to achieve the Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum for Distinguished Academic Performance.

In March 2012, BRAINways Director Dr. Mirella Olivier again participated in the Annual QAGTC Conference in which the theme was Nurturing Potential: Transforming Giftedness into Excellence. Dr Olivier presented two papers, the first of which was titled E-Learning: The holder of great promise for gifted children and the second Creativity, motivation and perfectionism in gifted children, and BRAINways Education was proud to note that the auditorium in which Dr Olivier presented her papers was full with many audience members expressing praise and interest following the presentations.

In June 2011, Dr. Olivier gave the keynote presentation Introduction to giftedness at The Gift of Montessori International Conference hosted on the Gold Coast.

In late March 2011, BRAINways Director Dr. Mirella Olivier presented a paper titled Perfectionism in gifted children at The Gift of Montessori International Conference hosted at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. In early April, due to the high amount of acclaim Perfectionism in gifted children received, Dr. Olivier presented the paper at the Annual QAGTC Conference, in which the year’s theme was Differentiation to Maximize Achievement.

At the 2010 QAGTC Annual Conference, a presentation focusing on the Days of Excellence events was welcomed by the participants. At the QAGTC Children’s Conference later this year BRAINways EDUCATION is looking forward to offering a science program exploring the nervous system. In addition, at the Asia Pacific Conference on Giftedness in Sydney, a Griffith University study on BRAINways EDUCATION will be presented.

In 2009 BRAINways EDUCATION was represented at the series of seminars offered by prof. Francois Gagne. The 2009 QAGTC Children’s Conference enjoyed the BRAINways EDUCATION contribution, with a program titled “Human Body in Balance”.

In 2008 BRAINways EDUCATION was involved in the proceedings of the QAGTC Annual Conference with a presentation on BRAINways EXPEDITIONS OF DISCOVERY.