Young Scholars

From 2011 BRAINways Education has been the workshop provider of Education Queensland’s Young Scholars Programs. The programs offered on weekends, after school as well as in the full day format have been greeted with the same positive reception that BRAINways Education has come to regularly enjoy. Many Young Scholars programs have been offered covering subject areas, such as Philosophy, Creative Writing, Drama as well as Science and Maths.

Some of the student feedback received throughout the Young Scholars programs across the years included: “It was totally awesome!” (Michelle, year 7);”The teacher was very good,” (Kevin, year 8); “I really loved this awesome experience,” (Tara, year 7); “I really enjoyed it and hope to do another program soon,” (Isabella, year 7); “It was awesome,” (Nicolas, year 6); “It was one of the most enjoyable workshops I’ve done,” (Erin, year 6); “I really enjoyed learning about how miners think and work,” (Ella, year 5); “I think it is an exciting way to expand your knowledge,” (Benjamin, year 6); “It was a great learning opportunity,” (Brian, year 6); “You made it very easy to understand concepts I didn’t understand,” (Carmen, year 7).