KEYS is a Research Based Program designed to meet the specific needs of gifted and talented students in their own school during their regular school day.

The Program

The KEYS program is designed to identify and support the gifted and talented children, and gives them the KEYS to show their high ability as true talent.  Within the program, the students work on a challenging curriculum that is designed to meet their needs and supports the whole child by encouraging higher order thinking, persistence, and resilience.  The lessons are presented by a trained teacher specialised in Gifted Education who can act as a mentor throughout the primary years.

The KEYS program teaches the whole child– academic/intellectual/social/emotional development

The KEYS program gives faster learners the opportunity to work with like minds who stimulate and challenge each other

The KEYS program provides a specialized curriculum that is challenging, fast paced, engaging, and designed to meet the unique needs of gifted students.


The 5 KEYS to the program are:

Specialised Curriculum

Building Resilience

Accessing mental-age peers

Gifted Education Specialist Teacher

Long-term Partnership with Home/School

Our registered teachers work alongside the regular classroom teachers to offer a more complete learning pathway.  They act as Mentors for the gifted and talented students.  Mentors have been identified by current research as being crucial to the development, health and well-being of gifted students, along with ability grouping with like-minded peers.

We also offer professional development for staff and parents at all participating schools.