center_imagesBRAINways EDUCATION programs provide opportunities for highly able and gifted students, and are tailored for their special educational needs.

Incorporating information and learning from a great variety of international curricula, the BRAINways EDUCATION programs provide learning experiences that are advanced in content and process, providing challenging yet interesting, hands on learning; specifically designed to stimulate motivation and interest among gifted and talented students.

Creating opportunities to engage with complex, abstract and multi-disciplinary problems, events or phenomena, the BRAINways EDUCATION programs meet the fundamental principles of gifted education and stimulate higher order thinking, analysis and reflection.

Developed and presented by highly qualified teachers and experts in their fields, the courses offered by BRAINways EDUCATION  integrate the highest quality of teaching and learning in gifted education.


    • Are intrinsically interested
    • Are able to pursue topics of their choosing
    • Are able to produce, rather than reproduce knowledge
    • Are able to reflect and understand their thinking strengths and processes
    • Are capable of deep understanding through prolonged engagement with idea

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